Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Last night when I was driving home from my parent's house I was thinking of some of my favorite Christmas memories, particularly on Christmas Eve since I tend to enjoy Christmas Eve more than Christmas Day itself. Probably because it is just a day spent with family, and you don't get caught up in the material things as much on Christmas Eve. Anyway, I've compiled a little list of my favorite memories from when I was little:

  • Working. Don't laugh, I know it is a little odd. I worked at a bakery when I was in High School, and there was nothing better than waking up really early on Christmas Eve to go get all the orders ready. All of the customers that would come in were so happy and cheerful. I just felt like Santa's little elf. Plus the smells of cookies and bread coming out of that bakery at 6 a.m. were incredible.
  • Grandma's rolls, popcorn balls, and sugar cookies. Need I say more? We would always go over to my grandparent's on Christmas Eve and have a big dinner with all my cousins and aunts and uncles. My grandparent's passed away a few years ago, but whenever I think of Christmas, I think of them.
  • Reading the Christmas Story. Christmas just doesn't feel complete without it. At the Christmas Eve party at my Grandparent's, all the grandkids would do talents. I would play the violin, my cousins would play the piano, etc. My Grandma's "talent" was reading us all the Christmas Story.
  • Sticky Buns. We would have them after we finished opening presents on Christmas morning. Delicious!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I've heard that several people enjoyed this little picture and have taken it from a previous post on the blog - well here it is again for your viewing (or taking) pleasure.

Sorry, I could hardly contain my excitement from the game on Saturday so it has taken me a few days to get around to posting about the game! It was incredible! It was also fairly cold but once we took the lead and starting catching all of Max Hall's passes I warmed right up. I thought the two teams were fairly matched except I think Max Hall was trying to outdo Brian Johnson in seeing how many passes he could throw directly to Utah guys.
Also interesting that Bronco didn't adjust the playing as BYU was running all over our defense. But hey, who am I to complain. The one thing I will complain about though is Bronco's statement where he said without the interceptions he thinks it would have been hard for Utah to put points on the board. Sorry, but that is THE POINT of interceptions - for the other team to put points on the board! We proved that our offense could move the ball and capitalize on opportunities and make tough plays when it counted. We also proved that our defense could catch Max Hall's passes...I mean stop BYU's offense. Plus there's the issue with Bronco calling review on the most obvious plays - lose with dignity! Anyway, enough about that - it was an awesome game and so fun to be at! BCS Busters twice in 5 years!!

I would like to take this opportunity (seriously) to apologize to all my friends who are BYU fans for our STUPID fans who wouldn't even let the BYU players get into their own locker room without getting in their faces and basically being stupid Utah fans.

Monday, November 3, 2008


For our ward Halloween party there was a trunk or treat and a spook alley. I'd never been to a trunk or treat before so we didn't know exactly what to do - we just dressed up but didn't decorate our car or anything. It was a lot of fun although by the end of the night we felt kind of lame since we didn't have any kids or nieces/nephews to take with us! ;) Anyway, as you can tell I basically dressed up like I do for work everyday. I thought it was pretty fitting for my costume though. Caroline, as you already know is obsessed with Hello Kitty, so why not dress up like her as a costume!?! Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Does anyone else think Caroline has a little too much Hello Kitty stuff?!? This is just the tip of the iceberg!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vacation in Cedar City

This post presents a problem that we faced all weekend - explaining why we were vacationing in Cedar City. Caroline's aunt has a condo in St. George and we wanted to go down there for Fall Break just to get away, since Caroline is busy with school and work and me with work (and Caroline work 41 hours in 3 days!). The condo was being used by someone else but she has another uncle who works for Crystal Inn so he got us a room at the Cedar City Crystal Inn (because the St. George one was full) for $25/night.

As surprising as it was, we actually had a great time in Cedar City! We found this amazing Japanese hibachi style restaurant that was better than Benihana's and Tepanyaki. We also went to Cedar Breaks and Navajo Lake one day and then down to St. George for some shopping and In n Out burger another day!

All in all it was just a relaxing getaway where Caroline finished up some homework and I hit up the only golf course in Cedar City. At least there was a hot tub there - so nice sitting in the hot tub every night and people are always chatty in hot tubs which is fun to get to know people. I don't know how to do one of those fancy slideshows so I'll post a few pictures of our trip.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Thanks Cara for tagging me! Now everyone can get to know me better - at least my most interesting side anyway :)

Here are the rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Mention these rules on your blog. Tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yourself and tag 6 fellow bloggers.

1. When I highlight things, it has to be straight, and not too thick of a line. If the highlighting is crooked, like if Matt hits my arm or something, then it drives me crazy!

2. I have this fear of someone trying to open my car doors while I am driving, like if I am stopped at a stoplight or something. So I ALWAYS lock my car doors immediately after I get in my car. My father-in-law asked me what would happen if I drove into a lake while I was driving, because my car doors were locked no one would be able to save me. Interesting thought...but I still lock my doors! I think the chances of either of these things actually happening are very small :)

3. I never paint my fingernails. In fact I haven't since 7th or 8th grade. I play the violin, and I think that painting my fingernails will weigh my fingers down so I can't play as fast. I don't play as much anymore, but I still don't paint them just in case.

4. I always bite on the inside of my skin in my mouth. Matt says it makes me look funny. But I just do it when I'm bored or thinking.

5. If I'm taking notes at school, I have to use a bic mechanical pencil with a decent eraser. If I'm taking notes at work, I have to use a blue ink pen. Can't use the pen at school or the pencil at work...that's just how it works in my world.

6. I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty memorobilia. Seriously, I have tons of Hello Kity stuff. Pencils, pens, stickers, a build-a-bear Hello Kitty, t-shirt, pajama pants, even a cute little water cooler. Matt even bought me a long-sleeved Hello Kitty shirt today. Super cute.

I think most of my friends have already done this tag, so I tag anyone who hasn't shared their quicks yet :)

My Heartthrob

Seriously...isn't Louie Sakoda super cute? Sorry Matt, he is my new boyfriend (in my dreams anyway). Not only is he good-looking, but he is the Utes secret weapon! WOW! What a game against Oregon last Thursday. Louie really saved the day!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Utah vs. UNLV!

We squeaked by Michigan last week and I was worried that the team projected to finish last in the MWC was going to destroy us. At least until Brian Johnson ran for a 56 yard touchdown and finished with more rushing yards than our two running backs! It was a completely different team the second half and it was actually fun to watch! We are in the FUSS (Former Utah Student Section) but we still miss the MUSS. If anyone is in the FUSS or Alumni Association and goes to the Alumni Tailgate parties - we need some game buddies to hang with! Utah State this Saturday - we'll be watching the game at our place if anyone wants to come!


Sorry we've been slacking but we got asked at Church today if I got a new bumper and if Caroline got a new phone so we thought we'd let everyone know that life does go on. Caroline's phone is definitely cooler than my car! Its great that my car looks the same as it did before but it cost too much money.

BUT if any of you ever get in accident, go to Bountiful Collision Center. It is on 500 S just East of the train tracks and they did an amazing job on my car and did it super fast. They washed and shined the exterior, completely cleaned out the inside, and even polished the tires and wheels. I was very impressed!

Caroline's phone is the LG Venus (Verizon) and the fact that it came in such a cool pink with a cooler pink case totally sold her on the phone.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


In case you didn't know - we are HUGE Utah football fans! We are so excited for the Michigan game this Saturday. Football season is by far the best time of the year! We wanted to go to Michigan for the game but it was just too expensive. We'll have to settle for watching the games from our second row season tickets. We'll be having parties for the away games so if you're a Ute football fan let us know! GO UTES!


Final Year of School

I have to pay tribute to my beautiful wife! She is such a hard worker and is so dedicated to getting her degree. She started school this week to get her Master's of Accounting degree in Tax. Notice that she is dressed up - not only is she getting a Masters degree but she is also working 16 hours a week. I have to make fun of her because she is a total nerd - she couldn't wait to go back to school. While I admit that I enjoyed the social aspect of school I think I prefer working full time. Lets just hope she's not such a nerd that she wants to go do another degree after this one! She is already studying super hard every night which is no good for me because when I get home from work I want to play! So if you're playing - let me know cuz I'd love to come!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


We had two accidents this week. Caroline's accident was with her cell phone. We went to Lagoon on Wednesday and rode Wicked - we haven't been on it before as its been a few years since we've been to Lagoon. Caroline and I inadvertently took our cell phones and sunglasses (which was retarded). If you've been on wicked, you've probably lost something because as we found out there are a lot of people that lose stuff on that ride. Luckily I held onto my sunglasses and phone but Caroline's sunglasses hit my arm on the loop at 50 mph. When we got to the end she then realized she had lost her cell phone as well - both of which were in her pocket. So we were told to come back to the ride at 10:00 when it closed. When we got back, there were about 15 people there all waiting for things they had lost. When the ride closed, 4 employees went running out and scoured the grounds and brought back phones, glasses, car keys, hats, etc. But as you can see - Caroline's phone wasn't so lucky. We were going to buy Caroline a new phone on Tuesday but the city council meeting ran so late that we couldn't make it - guess we got lucky afterall.

As if that wasn't enough, my car was hit in the parking lot at work on Thursday morning and the person didn't leave a note or contact me, they just drove off. I don't understand how you can rip the bumper completely off someone's car and then drive away. It makes you wonder about the integrity of people in the world today. There was nothing that building security or the police could do so its gong to cost me $750. It made me so mad but I think I'm dealing with it now. The best part of the whole thing was that all the cop could say was - I believe in Karma. While that might be true - it doesn't give me $750!

Summer Vacation

We went to Oceanside, CA with Caroline's parents for a week for an end of summer vacation. We stayed in a beautiful brand new resort on the hill up from the beach. We went to San Diego one day and took a ferry out to Coronado Island. We went to the Hotel Del Coronado where a Marilyn Monroe movie was filmed - Some Like it Hot. Since we went to the hotel we rented the movie and watched it - it was hilarious! We highly recommend it! Every Thursday Oceanside has a Farmer's Market in the morning and then a larger market in the evening. There were so many vendors with fruits, vegetables, and flowers for dirt cheap. Other than that we just sat on the beach and enjoyed doing nothing. We had tons of great food! I went running a few mornings along the beach and it was so beautiful and such a great place to run.

This was a diner on the pier which was right outside our hotel - it was so good we ate there twice.

This is Mission San Luis Rey - it is just up the street in Oceanside. It is famous because The Mask of Zorro was filmed there.

Hotel del Coronado

The Farmer's Market on Thursday morning.

Monday, July 14, 2008

St. George

We went on a trip to St. George over the 4th of July weekend with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend. We had a blast! We went to the Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City and saw Othello.

We also went to the Tuacahn Theater and saw Les Miserables. It was amazing! We also went swimming, shopped at the outlets, and, of course, no trip to St. George would be complete without a visit to the Rick Shaw :)

This is a picture of my brother, his girlfriend, my parents, and of course me!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Country Summer

In conjuntion with UVSC becoming UVU, there was a huge concert at the UVU baseball field - UVUphoria. Josh Gracin, Collin Raye, and Joe Nichols performed so it was an awesome concert - especially considering the tickets were only $5!
The concert did go pretty long though but there were awesome fireworks at the end so it was worth it. There was this kid standing in front of us and he was wearing a black shirt so he had pulled some of it up and you could see his underwear and this guy next to us yelled out "shirt down or pants up - crack kills!" I felt bad for the kid but it was really really funny. Anyway, we had a good time - next time we'll have to get a big group together for a concert.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


In May we went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera. We road-tripped it down to Los Angeles, and we stopped in Baker, California overnight.

Here are some pictures from our sketchy motel room - and trust me, the pictures don't do it justice!

Matt was the only one that showered that morning, and we think he got dirtier! At least the bugs in the shower got clean!

Don't worry, we survived and made it safely on our ship. We went to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan, and Puerto Vallarta.

Matt's sister Megan and I even got kissed by a sea lion.

We also went and rode these really cool zip lines in the jungle over the scene of the movie Predator so now we'll have to have a Predator movie party to see what it looked like when the movie was filmed.

The sunsets are beautiful on cruises! I'm sure the sunrises were beautiful as well but we weren't up early enough to see those - maybe one day. I guess if you took enough pictures of the sunset and looked at them in reverse it would look like the sunrise. ;)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Hello everyone! Welcome to our new blog.