Thursday, August 28, 2008


In case you didn't know - we are HUGE Utah football fans! We are so excited for the Michigan game this Saturday. Football season is by far the best time of the year! We wanted to go to Michigan for the game but it was just too expensive. We'll have to settle for watching the games from our second row season tickets. We'll be having parties for the away games so if you're a Ute football fan let us know! GO UTES!


Final Year of School

I have to pay tribute to my beautiful wife! She is such a hard worker and is so dedicated to getting her degree. She started school this week to get her Master's of Accounting degree in Tax. Notice that she is dressed up - not only is she getting a Masters degree but she is also working 16 hours a week. I have to make fun of her because she is a total nerd - she couldn't wait to go back to school. While I admit that I enjoyed the social aspect of school I think I prefer working full time. Lets just hope she's not such a nerd that she wants to go do another degree after this one! She is already studying super hard every night which is no good for me because when I get home from work I want to play! So if you're playing - let me know cuz I'd love to come!

Saturday, August 9, 2008


We had two accidents this week. Caroline's accident was with her cell phone. We went to Lagoon on Wednesday and rode Wicked - we haven't been on it before as its been a few years since we've been to Lagoon. Caroline and I inadvertently took our cell phones and sunglasses (which was retarded). If you've been on wicked, you've probably lost something because as we found out there are a lot of people that lose stuff on that ride. Luckily I held onto my sunglasses and phone but Caroline's sunglasses hit my arm on the loop at 50 mph. When we got to the end she then realized she had lost her cell phone as well - both of which were in her pocket. So we were told to come back to the ride at 10:00 when it closed. When we got back, there were about 15 people there all waiting for things they had lost. When the ride closed, 4 employees went running out and scoured the grounds and brought back phones, glasses, car keys, hats, etc. But as you can see - Caroline's phone wasn't so lucky. We were going to buy Caroline a new phone on Tuesday but the city council meeting ran so late that we couldn't make it - guess we got lucky afterall.

As if that wasn't enough, my car was hit in the parking lot at work on Thursday morning and the person didn't leave a note or contact me, they just drove off. I don't understand how you can rip the bumper completely off someone's car and then drive away. It makes you wonder about the integrity of people in the world today. There was nothing that building security or the police could do so its gong to cost me $750. It made me so mad but I think I'm dealing with it now. The best part of the whole thing was that all the cop could say was - I believe in Karma. While that might be true - it doesn't give me $750!

Summer Vacation

We went to Oceanside, CA with Caroline's parents for a week for an end of summer vacation. We stayed in a beautiful brand new resort on the hill up from the beach. We went to San Diego one day and took a ferry out to Coronado Island. We went to the Hotel Del Coronado where a Marilyn Monroe movie was filmed - Some Like it Hot. Since we went to the hotel we rented the movie and watched it - it was hilarious! We highly recommend it! Every Thursday Oceanside has a Farmer's Market in the morning and then a larger market in the evening. There were so many vendors with fruits, vegetables, and flowers for dirt cheap. Other than that we just sat on the beach and enjoyed doing nothing. We had tons of great food! I went running a few mornings along the beach and it was so beautiful and such a great place to run.

This was a diner on the pier which was right outside our hotel - it was so good we ate there twice.

This is Mission San Luis Rey - it is just up the street in Oceanside. It is famous because The Mask of Zorro was filmed there.

Hotel del Coronado

The Farmer's Market on Thursday morning.