Sunday, September 7, 2008

Utah vs. UNLV!

We squeaked by Michigan last week and I was worried that the team projected to finish last in the MWC was going to destroy us. At least until Brian Johnson ran for a 56 yard touchdown and finished with more rushing yards than our two running backs! It was a completely different team the second half and it was actually fun to watch! We are in the FUSS (Former Utah Student Section) but we still miss the MUSS. If anyone is in the FUSS or Alumni Association and goes to the Alumni Tailgate parties - we need some game buddies to hang with! Utah State this Saturday - we'll be watching the game at our place if anyone wants to come!


Sorry we've been slacking but we got asked at Church today if I got a new bumper and if Caroline got a new phone so we thought we'd let everyone know that life does go on. Caroline's phone is definitely cooler than my car! Its great that my car looks the same as it did before but it cost too much money.

BUT if any of you ever get in accident, go to Bountiful Collision Center. It is on 500 S just East of the train tracks and they did an amazing job on my car and did it super fast. They washed and shined the exterior, completely cleaned out the inside, and even polished the tires and wheels. I was very impressed!

Caroline's phone is the LG Venus (Verizon) and the fact that it came in such a cool pink with a cooler pink case totally sold her on the phone.