Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Caroline's Car Problems Continue

I have an unlucky car. Although I love my car dearly, it has problems. When most people think of car problems, they think of a never-ending list of engine problems, flat tires, heat/air-conditioning problems, etc. But not me. Instead, my car just keeps on getting broken into by thiefs!!

This is a picture of my innocent car, who would ever want to break into this?
Oh wait. That's not it. Actually, I decided to protect the make, model, and color of my vehicle in case of blog stalkers/car thiefs. Haha.

Summary of incidents:

August 2004: Broke the driver window while in my parent's driveway. 
Items taken: Stereo, subwoofer, lots of CD's. Fortunately for me the subwoofer and CD's didn't belong to me, but a previous boyfriend of mine :) Sad days for him. Don't worry, I broke up with him a few weeks later, then started dating Matt.

April 2006: Broke into the little triangle window in the back of my car (the most expensive window to replace!) while I was working. 13th South and 9th West - not the best neighborhood.
Items taken: Stereo and backpack (including my wallet, textbooks, and notes).
Random story: The night after it happened I got a phonecall from some guy - he had found my wallet by a dumpster. A few days later I got another phone call from a different guy - he had found my notes and textbooks (much needed for upcoming finals!). There are good people in the world.

January 2009: My car was at the mechanics. The door either wasn't locked or the thief really knew what he was doing!
Items taken: Stereo (notice a re-occuring theme), and garage door opener.
Note: The garage door opener caused us huge grief when we discovered it was missing while we were in Provo for dinner. Thanks to Zacc and Michelle for watching our house!

Lessons learned:
Never buy an after-market stereo, even if the radio in your car doesn't work.
Don't buy my car from me, the bad luck may continue to you.
Never leave your car at work, at the mechanics, or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, just sell your car and stay at home. Forever :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Auto Show - Ford Flex

We went to the auto show this weekend with Caroline's family - like we do every year. It is such a great time to go sit in all these cool cars and dream about one day owning a nice new car. I'd love to buy one now but Caroline doesn't want one and when it really comes down to it I'm content with having no car payments and our cars run just fine!

Anyway there was a group of 8 of us with Caroline's parents, brother and girlfriend, and Caroline's BFF Erin and her dad (family friends). We went around to all the different SUVs and crammed all 8 of us inside to see which was the best one and most comfortable. I'm not sure how many of you have heard of the Ford Flex but it is kind of different. When it first came out I wasn't sure if I would like it or not and figured Caroline would think it was ugly. But it was by far the best one that we packed everyone into! Comfortable on all 3 rows for adults and it even had a cooler in between the seats and it has like 4 or 5 sunroofs! Definitely a great alternative to a mini-van!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Avoid Failure by Avoiding Resolutions

I realize it is kind of late to be posting this but I figured probably half of us have failed on our resolutions already this new year. I myself, avoided failure by avoiding resolutions. I don't know how many of you are familiar with Robert Kirby, he is a columnist in the Salt Lake Tribune and his columns are hilarious. I've included the link below. For those of you who are still going strong - good for you! Keep it up! As for me, I've been eating healthy now for almost 2 whole days and I've been to the gym both of those days - my goal is one week and then we'll go from there.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Who else is so super excited that they can't contain their excitement for 24 coming back to TV after 2 long years without it!?!?!? Who can't help but love Jack Bauer. I'm going to list reasons why I'm excited for 24 to start again and why this season is going to be awesome!

1. I once had a dream that I was Jack Bauer - it was probably the best dream ever
2. Honestly, who would not vote for David Palmer for President of the United States if he actually ran? We'll just have to make do with the Allstate commercials
3. Tony Almaeda is coming back from the dead this season
4. CTU is gone and Jack is rogue and Chloe is still back so at least something fundamental in the show is changing
5. I hope Jack still gets a sweet SUV with gun drawers in the back and PDAs in it that can fax, scan, make phone calls, and upload maps at lightning fast speed - probably can also launch nuclear missiles.

Enough said? If you love 24 you know exactly what I'm talking about! If you think I'm talking about the number of hours in the day then you need to get on the bandwagon!

And to celebrate we're having a 24 party this Sunday to celebrate the first two hours of the show! It starts at 7 pm so come on over around 6 pm for some games and food - don't feel obligated to bring anything. Hope to see everyone there on Sunday!

To keep you entertained until Sunday click below:


Monday, January 5, 2009


Who did not watch the Sugar Bowl or at least hear about it? After going back to work today - which sucked after a long holiday - I realized that most everyone watched it and is excited to talk about it. So not a lot of sense posting a lot about the game except for the fact that I wish I had sold my car and gone to the game!

Who else loved that at halftime FOX made the announcers eat their words from pregame show? Especially Barry Switzer saying "there is not a player at Utah that Alabama would have recruited out of high school." Incredibly frustrating! Glad our Utes stuck it to them!

I also loved watching Alabama's coach Nick Saban - he had such great faces and stunned looks during the entire game - I wish someone would compile a book and call it the "Faces of Saban" To get it started I will post a few pictures here.
Saban claimed his team was the only team from a "real BCS conference" to go undefeated. Saban's comment definitely fueled our fire and his response: "If that's what gave them their intensity, then I guess I'm responsible for the way they played and I'm responsible for the way we played," he said "So I am resonsible for the whole [dang] kit and kaboodle."

Caroline was said that Louie didn't play too much of a role in the game but still performed great for his last game as a senior! Go Louie in the draft! Go Utes!