Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Hey everyone, sorry its been so long but we've been gone for the last 4 weeks on a whirlwind trip to Asia. We have tons of pictures, literally about 2000, so if you want to see them all you can come set up an appointment. We'll put a few on here just to give a feel for the great places we went and all the fun we had. We started out in South Korea where I served my mission and went to Seoul where we went on a DMZ tour and actually got to step across the border into North Korea, before the nukes of course. Then we went to Jinhae and saw some people I knew and went to church. We spent some time in Busan, my first area, and then went out to Jeju Island, a tropical island off the Southern coast of Korea and spent 6 days on the beach. After all the Korean food and polishing up on my Korean we headed out for Tokyo. Tokyo is SUPER SUPER expensive and it was hard to get around and eat for the first day since we didn't speak any Japanese but we did great after we got adjusted. We were in Tokyo for 4 days and had a blast seeing everything and eating all the delicious food - we had a fabulous hotel on the 24th floor with a great city view right next to Tokyo Tower. Then it was off to Hong Kong for 4 days - thank goodness for English! We had so much fun in Hong Kong, it is small and easy to get around and we were able to see lots of stuff but relax at the same time. We had an even better room with a full view of Victoria Harbour. Hong Kong was very cheap and had fantastic shopping, everyone should definitely go there. Going back to work totally sucked - Monday was the longest day EVER. Its hard enough to go back to work after a week long vacation so imagine 4 weeks. Honestly though it was a little bit long towards the end, vacationing is hard work every single day but don't worry, we loved every day! We missed everyone while we were gone and can't wait to see people and catch up on all that happened!

View of Hong Kong from Victoria's Peak
Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong - over 30 buildings participate

Rainbow Bridge - Tokyo

Hello Kitty was EVERYWHERE in Asia - Caroline's favorite

We hiked to the top of Mt. Halla - highest point in South Korea...and then back down

My Korean Companion (Yoon Hawk Lee) and I at the Seoul Temple

Traditional Korean dress at an ancient palace

Caroline was a celebrity in Korea - all the schoolgirls wanted to take their picture with the blond American