Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How to Wash a Cat

My cat Molly (who lives with my parents in case any of my neighbors are wondering) is getting a little old - about 16ish. She has trouble keeping herself clean, so my dad and I thought it would be fun to give her a bath last night!

The victim:
The bathtub:

My favorite picture of this event:

The blow dry: (Okay, in this picture it really looks like she is dirtier than when we started. I swear her "inner dirt" came to the surface when we were scrubbing!)

The final product - a clean kitty cat!! (yes she is licking herself, maybe she got the hint)

If you are bored, or would like to learn more about washing your cat, here is a pretty funny video about washing cats


Last Saturday Matt was at a shooting range with some friends. He accidentally let the scope get too close to his head. The rifle kicked back and this resulted:

A trip to the Insta Care and 4 stitches later he is good to go!
I told him its too bad this didn't happen closer to Halloween, or with a little green make-up (and some screws coming out of his head) he could have been Frankenstein! Good thing he is good humored about my teasing!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Half Marathon Runner

A few weeks ago Matt ran the Top of Utah half marathon! He trained all summer, and ended up finishing in under 2 hours! I'm so proud of him! His new goal is to get me running, so we have been a few times in the morning. Too bad I'm terribly out of shape and feel like I might die at any moment - but I'm trying! Here are some pictures of Matt finishing the race (I wasn't able to be there because I had my CPA review course that morning = bad wife)!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fall Cleaning

Most people do Spring Cleaning, well we decided to do Fall Cleaning. We've been debating a coffee table vs. an ottoman for a long time. We took an early afternoon on a Friday and went on a shopping spree for a bunch of stuff and went to look around for a coffee table. We went to RC Willey first and we found our exact couches and they were paired with these tables and lamps and Caroline just looked at them and said we'll take them. I think she shocked the salesperson and I know she shocked me. She usually doesn't make decisions that fast but when she sees somthing she likes, she just goes for it because she knows she wants it. I guess that's when she finally decided she wanted me she moved quick to get married! :) Anyway, we got these new tables in and just kept cleaning and cleaning. We hung pictures, we got rid of 5 garbage bags of clothes and a box of shoes, we cleaned and organized closets, we re-arranged furniture, and it made us both feel really good to see our house so clean and feel like we're organizing our lives a little bit. We still have way too much stuff for two people but we're getting it under control! I try to make the bed everyday and keep the coffee table clean.

The DI pile

The new set-up

Picture #1 hung up - from my mom

Picture #2 - anniversary present for Caroline

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Dear Friend Erin.....

My good friend Erin is moving to New York this weekend!! I went to her house tonight after work and helped her pack up a few of her things, and to say goodbye....Although I am sad she is leaving, I'm sure she will have tons of fun adventures and stories!! (Especially when I come visit!)

Here are some pictures of us over the last couple of year (note our signature pose).

Good luck Erin! I love you!