Monday, November 16, 2009

The first thing I want to do

Caroline just took her last (hopefully) section of the CPA exam on Saturday so there is no more studying, all day Saturday classes, or anything else - just waiting for her last two scores. So I came home from work today to find her cleaning out the fridge. After almost 6 months of studying, Saturday classes, 4 exams, countless multiple choice questions - the FIRST thing she wanted to do was clean the fridge. I will give her credit, it looks fantastic! I just thought it was funny. So, I decided to help.

Utah Football Party

We had a bunch of friends over to watch the Utah vs. TCU game on Saturday. The food and friends were awesome which almost compensated for the completely terrible game! We had a fun time - although it would have been much better had we won. Thanks everyone for coming and bringing delicious food! Bring on BYU!

When the cat came to visit...and moved in

For those of you who don't know, Caroline has a cat named Molly. When Caroline and I were dating and things started getting serious, she told me that she and her cat were a package deal. I was okay with that - I just found us an apartment that didn't allow pets. ;) Molly stayed at her parents house and we would go over to visit. Leaving Molly at Caroline's parents house gave her mom someone to pester and her dad someone to take care of. When we moved in to our house, Caroline never mentioned that she wanted to bring Molly over to live. About a month ago, Caroline's parents went out of town for a week so we brought the cat over for a visit and after Molly ran away the other night, Caroline decided she wants to keep her here. So I have been chronicling the crazy things the cat does...a few of the highlights

1. likes to drink from anywhere BUT her dedicated water bowl - such as the shower or bathtub, especially while people are in it.
2. likes to walk on my back while I'm sleeping and meow in my ear
3. likes to stick her head in glasses of water
4. likes to slide down the windshield of my car with wet paws and leave streaks right in my line of sight
5. likes to go up and down the outside edges of the stairs