Sunday, June 27, 2010

Island Park

Matt and I spent a weekend up at his grandma's cabin in Island Park a few weeks ago. We had a very relaxing trip! We spent a lot of time at the cabin just watching movies, reading, and hiking, but also spent a day up at Yellowstone. And we made lots of s'mores!

Us at Yellowstone, near some geysers.

Yellowstone Lake (it was really cold up there all weekend, hence the sweatshirts)

Some scenary during a hike. I think they call it the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone".

Some scenary on one of our hikes near the cabin.


The beginning of June Matt & I took a road trip to Oregon to see our good friend graduate from Medical School! We had a fantastic trip! We spent a night on the coast, then drove into Portland for the graduation. We ate amazing food, went a hike, and just had a great time relaxing. Here are some pictures from our trip.