Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Exciting Adventure for 2012!

In case you haven't heard our exciting news, Matt and I are relocating to Xiamen, China for 6 months starting this May! Matt's work needs him there to work on some stuff (they have a factory there), and of course I can't miss a good adventure. We are so excited to go. In February his work was kind enough to send me along on one of his business trips so I could see what I was getting myself into. Don't worry - I didn't change my mind. Here are a bunch of pictures of our trip (in a completely random order, I'm not very good at this).
View of Xiamen from a ferry boat to a touristy island.
Hike with some of the girls from the office. Notice how low I'm crouching to be the same size of them....
Delicious dinner at a Thai restaurant. I don't know if I'll ever get used to eating a fish with the head and tail still on. This fish doesn't look that appetizing but was amazing. Deep fried, then covered in some sort of sweet and sour-like sauce.
Anyone who has ever been to Asia understands the weird hand things they do when they take pictures. The girl in the green is Ashley, and then her husband Daniel. They are living there right now with Matt's company. Ashley showed me around the city every day when our husband's were working. She helped me a ton when I was there, and will even more when I move. We had a blast together. Yimi was our 'tour guide' haha. She is one of the girls from the office.
View from a hike behind a Buddhist temple. Pretty. Note the smog.
View from the hotel room. Specifically my "office". Since it was February, I had to work a few hours each morning when I was there. This was my view when I was working.
Me and Ashley doing touristy things. The background is Xiamen.
Huge rock statue. Famous soldier.
This is at the BMW dealer in Hong Kong. I was bored. Matt and his boss of course had to stop here (it is like a block away from the LDS church building, which we wanted to see). I was bored, so made Matt snap a picture.
One of the night markets in Hong Kong. I picked up a super cute purse (anyone seen me with the red one with the spots? That was bought this night). I also got some super cute flats, a new wallet, and some Hello Kitty luggage tags. Matt decided he was obsessed with buying Mont Blac pens.
Random green subway station. That's Brian, Matt's boss.
Leaving our awesome trip...We'll be back in May!!
More pictures of the island. This is the beach (obviously).
I couldn't help myself from taking this picture. There was a line to take your picture with this statue girl (seriously??!!). I can only imaging lots of people snapped a picture of me when I was doing this...since they seemed to always be taking my picture anyway when I was there.
See you in May, Xiamen!!