Wednesday, July 4, 2012


After our adventure to Kuala Lumpur we headed over to Thailand. Our friend Corey met us there, and we had an amazing week filled with exploring, eating delicious food, and lots of laying by the pool.

When we first got to the resort we decided to walk around a bit. We soon met one of the resident baby elephant's, Yaya, that was going for his afternoon walk. He gave me some kisses with his trunk.

There was a sunset traditional Thai dance each evening at our hotel.

Matt and Corey made fun of me because I wanted a picture with the towel animal elephant in our room.

The resort was absolutely beautiful. We stayed at the Marriott Beach Club, but it shared hotel facilities with the J.W. Marriott, so it was super nice. While we layed out by the pool each day they brought us cold water and fruit baskets. So amazing.

This was the beach behind the resort. The water was too swift to swim in, but we had fun swimming at the pools.

One of the pools at the resort. This was the edge of it, closest to the beach that you can see in the backround of the trees.

The food in Thailand was so good, and pretty inexpensive also. Matt and Corey are obsessed with Hard Rock Cafe, so we had to eat there. It was way expensive, but pretty good.

What our typical meal looked like. This one has a funny story with it. Matt read in a review of our resort that if you walked down the beach for 20 minutes that there was a delicious Thai restaurant. So one night when we were feeling adventurous we set out. We walked for 20 minutes...didn't see anything...walked some restaurant. Finally we decided to walk through the back of another resort back up to the road. We walked through the lobby, and decided to ask the concierge for a recommendation. She though we were guests as resort (since we came up through the back), gave us a recommendation, and even had one of the bellman take us there in a golf cart. Awesome.

Another night we ate at this restaurant. It was really close to the water and we watched the sunset as we ate.

Yum fish!
One day we went on a full day excursion, John Gray Sea Canoe. The excursion took us to these nature lagoons that are only accessible by kayak, through a cave, when the tide is low. We had so much fun. The fish, trees, and plants were amazing. We even saw monkeys that were very close to the water.

As the sun started to go down they had us make these flower arrangements as our offerings to the sea Gods. Each were unique and really pretty. When it got dark we got in the kayaks again, lit the candles and incense on our sacrifices, and set it off to the ocean. Corey made his a giant fireball (practically). It was hilarious.

Corey's is the giant one that looks like it might catch the kayak on fire.

And on the way back, Corey got to drive the boat :)
Peace out!