Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Update

  • Caroline got off work at noon! I love summer and early Friday's!
  • Matt worked late :(
  • We went over to our friends just to chat and hang out. Convinced them to play a board game, Pandemic. When our friend realized it was 12:30 a.m. and we still weren't done she kicked us out (perhaps lovingly, it was late)! She has a new baby and her 'shift' with him (taken from her husband) starts at 2 a.m. We told her not to worry, we were just having best friend time. She disagreed.
  • Matt went shotgun shooting with the elder's quorum.
  • Caroline cleaned and did other "important" tasks.
  • Met our friends at Pei Wei for a delicious dinner.
We got to use our mad chopstick skills!
  • Went to the movies and saw Now You See Me. Amazing! I totally recommend it!
  • Caroline slept in. Matt went for a bike ride that didn't end so well when he got a flat tire. Caroine rescued him. (He was mad I took this picture, by the way).
    The great bicycle rescue.
  • Went to a farewell for one of Matt's co-workers. She did such a great job speaking! We wish her well as she heads to West Virginia!
  • Had dinner with Matt's boss (who is also a friend). Had a great Sunday night playing with his family -  4 fun, wild kids. I perfected my razor scooter skills :) Had a great time feeling like a kid again.

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Erin Masi said...

Love the weekend update! I haven't done one of those in ages!