Sunday, June 1, 2014

We're back!! And - it's race season!

Okay, it's been almost a year since I've posted. CRAZY! Lots to update on, but today I'll just update you on what we've been spending all our time (and money) on recently. Triathlon training! We joined Team Blonde Runner back in January and have been having a blast refining our running, swimming, and biking skills. And we've been really sore. And tired. Here's some recent highlights.

First - the best picture ever. Matt and Spencer (his brother) jumping over fire in a Spartan race in Colorado at the beginning of May. My brother also tagged along.

This picture was before they started and got covered in mud.

My friend Katy and I after biking Emigration Canyon this past weekend. A really fun ride.

Matt finishing up the Splash 'n Sprint Tri at the beginning of May. Go Matt! He won 1st in his division.

And me at the Splash 'n Sprint. My goal was to not drown in the swim, not fall off my bike, and not to trip running. Success!!

After a training ride. In the rain. Hence all the dirt on my face (also because it was really windy and I was drafting behind Matt). I was trying to look like Grumpy Cat in this picture. Any resemblance?

Matt during the Salem tri this past weekend. He placed first in his division!

Not pictured: The Front Runner Century (metric century - 62 miles) at the end of April. In the rain, and sleet, and wind. Yeah, it was pretty rough. Which is why there are no pictures :)

Next up - Little Red 50 mile ride for Caroline, 100 mile Cache Grande Fondo in July (both of us), and a half marathon in July (both of us). Wish us luck!

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Megan Smith said...

Wow Caroline! You guys are awesome! Looks like a TON of work, but tons of fun too!